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  1. xshinigamixmpx said: I hope everything will work out well this time~

TO BE HONEST I’m still really skeptical about this situation since she has lied a couple times. I can only hope she does it this time. Thanks very much for the wishes though :) 

Ayase Shin Cosplay has agreed to remake the top and waist belt part and will include a new petticoat. She says she will update her progress so I too will update on here. I will be posting the dates as well. Hopefully everything goes well from now on. 


************* SCAMMER ALERT! **************UPDATE*** edit: 4/23/2014Ayase has agreed to remake the top and waist belt part and will include a new petticoat. She says she will update her progress so I too will update on here. I will be posting the dates as well. Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend had only got part of her cosplay (with some of it being half done/half assed). If anyone needs evidence just ask me I am loaded with it. Here is the story as quoted by my friend: ”I asked Ayase Shin in Janaruy 2014 if she could commission an SnK Lolita costume for me. I gave her a budget and deadline of March 31st, 2014. I was actually not going to commission at first because it was expensive but she told me she really wanted to work on it and reduced the price and would have it finished by my deadline. The payment was split into 3, one each month (Jan, Feb and 3rd when costume is finished).
I noticed that she updated on her tumblr that the petticoat and patches were completed (but no photo updates on the petticoat itself).  I decided to wait since it was still only January. When mid-feb rolled around, I asked her about the progress. I kept seeing updates of other cosplays on her fb but none from mine. I would ask her occasionally about the progress and she kept saying she’ll update the progress. Then, on March 22, she updated a petticoat wip which wasn’t much (since she ‘originally’ finished it in January) and a sketch of the jacket. March 31st was approaching fast and so I asked her if she’ll finish it and she said yes. Well you know what? March 31st passed and she didn’t.
I figured I had a bit of time before con and asked her to work on it and told her I need it by April 10th. She said she’d “try”. Well, she updated her work in progress on April 7th and all she had was a cloak done. Of course, seeing that she’s not going to make the deadline YET again, I told her I need it to arrive by April 16th as my con starts on the 18th. 
She kept assuring me she’d have it done on the 11th and shipped out…well, she didn’t. Then she said the next day…then the next…and kept saying she’d “try” to finish and I asked her what else she had to work on and she told me just the jacket. I’m speculating it’s a lot more than that. Well, on the 15th, she told me she won’t have it done and decided to go with her “last resort” which was giving it to her friends who run the booth at the con so I can pick it up there. She lied about the fact that the costume was completed except for the jacket. She didn’t complete anything as I saw on April 15th and 16th, she was uploading progress pictures of the shirt that WASN’T even complete yet and she was still working on it.
Obviously, she didn’t finish the costume on time even though she assured me I would be getting it before con. She was stubborn and really difficult to communicate with. I would question her and she would ignore my questions. I asked for a refund as I didn’t want the costume anymore since she was taking forever to make it and broke her contract and missed my deadline. She instead just told me she doesn’t accept refunds and pretty much threatened me that I would not have my costume if I don’t make the final payment. It was either, lose money or pay for whatever she had done.
The original agreement for the costume was that she would make: all the pieces of the costume except leggings. Then, she tried to say that we had agreed that she wasn’t going to make the snk Lolita jacket and that I use mine and there was no such agreement on that. She was basically saying bullshit and lying.
Con rolls around and I pick up the costume.  It was pretty inaccurate and incomplete and missing pieces that I didn’t even wear it. She forgot the petticoat. The waist skirt had safety pins on them. I found buttons inside the bag that probably fell off from some part of the costume and a few pins as well. The shirt itself was short and nothing like the picture. The frills on the outfit weren’t even. The belt waist band was also sewed unevenly. The costume was rushed, incomplete and overall, poor craftsmanship. The only nice piece was the cloak.
She said she’d send in the jacket later on after con and if something needing fixing, she’d fix it. So far, she’s ignored my messages and I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting that jacket.
This girl has poor craftsmen, bad communication, horrible attitude, terrible business and is dishonest.” Please please please SPREAD THE WORD/reblog anything to pass this on. We recently found out that there had been others that had been in similar situations on cosplay.com 


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