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chokokyoko: I looked at your shop and saw your giveaway and it all looked really cute! that is your art, isn't it? :)

Nooo none of it is my art! It’s the reason why I put doujin items. They’re all from different artists from China and Japan ^^ I’d cry if I drew that well! 

chokokyoko: oh my gosh. Your art is adorable and amazing and I think I'm in love

What art ;u;?  I barely post my art on here and haven’t done so in a long time >.< My art is nowhere near good there are much better artists xD but thank you 

clockwork-constellation: That gay merman kiss picture is actually Sosuke and Rin from Free! Just in case you didn't know.

Wooops I reblogged it late at night and didn’t see the ponytail xD

Anonymous: If you recieve this you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and let ten of your followers know they make you feel happy or just to send to someone you think needs it! If you get some back even better!

Thank youu kind anon ;u; <3 


Kisses on the calm ocean…